There’s some brave new prophets out there, here’s one of them…meet Mark David


Hello, my name is Mark David.  When I was 12 years old, my mother died of cancer, all in the name of profit.  First they burnt her with radiation, then they poisoned her with chemotherapy.  As these treatments began, my family and I witnessed the enormous and rapid decline of her health.

A world where cancer is given to people intentionally by poisoning their food, air, water, and hygiene products, so that money can be extracted from them through expensive ‘treatments’ like chemotherapy and radiation, is the world we are living in.  Thankfully that paradigm is coming to an end.

The system once destroyed me, and from the ashes a new me has risen with inexorable purpose.  Getting better at everything I do every single day, and pushing forth in learning and teaching the most important information, until the conditions of health and disease are universally understood.  An understanding of health that empowers the individual so that no doctors or healthcare systems are needed, and the practices that seek to profit from human suffering are permanently abandoned. mom-me-sis-300x225

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